Our Methodology

We employ an investment consulting process designed specifically to inform us of your financial needs and objectives in order to derive  possible recommendations for your investment portfolio, and keep you apprised of the management of your investments.  This balanced process allows your portfolio to be managed in accordance with your financial goals in an attempt to maximize returns and minimize risks.

In order to craft your investment recommendations, we focus on understanding your particular situtation and goals.  We ask key questions during the initial discovery meeting and develop a total client profile of the prospective client for those clients that have a qualifying minimum to invest.  Working from our knowledge of your situtation and needs, Lentz + Lentz Strategic Investment Advisors performs an evaluation of your current position and generates a range of alternatives.  From these possible outcomes, the most viable scenarios are selected.  WIth the work of identifying and choosing the best approaches completed, the implementation of the plan occurs utilitzing primarily Dimensional Fund Advisor asset class funds. We continue to manage your portfolio in accordance with your plan with the objective of maximizing the probability of achieving your financial goals.  To ensure that all parts of your plan are working in concert and moving towards your desired outcome, we meet with you on a regular basis to review your portfolio and any changes in your situation or goals.

A conflict of interest exists between advice potentially provided by the Certified Public Accountants and the affiliate Investment Adviser however, you are not under any obligation to effect the investment transactions or recommendations with us.


This web site is for information purposes only, and does not constitute a complete description of our services or performance.  This information contained in this is not a solicitation to sell securities or investment advisor services where such an offer would not be legal.  Information on this site, whether it be charts, articles, research papers or any statement regarding markets or other financial information is obtained from sources we believe to be reliable.  Finally, past performance is never a guarantee of future performance.