In-House Operations

Portfolio Rebalancing
Over time, any investment plan will become distorted as one class outperforms others.  Periodic rebalancing maintains the original risk-reward target for the plan.

Periodically, we generate a "Portfolio Rebalancing Report" which indicates any variances from the marketable securities asset allocation  risk tolerance model you have selected.  We will reposition your asset class investment to bring you back into balance if we deem appropriate.

Direct Billing
We will deduct your quarterly management fee directly from your account as our standard default.  This is also the most common and preferred method of billing requested by our clients.  In some circumstances we can send a bill to receive payment by check, as is done with annuity billings.

Account Cash Distributions
If you ever need to withdraw money from your account, you can simply call us and we will make the necessary arrangements to have the funds sent to you in the form of a check, wire, or direct deposit.

Semi- annual Portfolio Review
We encourage our clients to visit with us at least semi-annually to discuss the performance of their accounts and review their selected strategy and quarterly performance reporting we provice to our clients.

Firm Brochure - ADV Part II
We require that full disclosure of our qualifications, methods, fees and other vital business data be presented to potential and current clients in our Firm Brochure Part 2a of Form ADV.

Our Firm Brochure, Privacy Policy Statement and/or Code of Ethics policy are available upon your request.  Please contact us if you would like to see these important documents.



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