In 1997, Mike Lentz , Certified Public Accountant, founded Lentz + Lentz Strategic Investment Advisors, Inc. Currently their CRD/IARD # is 122215 and is state licensed in Nevada, California and Oregon.

Lentz + Lentz Strategic Investment Advisors, a trusted provider of wealth management solutions, employs a holistic approach to understanding all the major challenges of your financial life.  We are a fee-based company specializing in long-term investment strategy and portfolio design.  Our clients participate in a consultative managment process as we strive to create solutions that maximize the achievement of all that's important to them.

Our firm implements a sound effective investment approach based on modern portfolio theory utilizing asset-class funds for a limited number of individuals. We accept clients only after determining that we can add substantial value to their financial situtation.  Our services include portfolio and investment policy development, diversified asset allocation, and performance measurement and monitoring.  In every aspect of our work, we are committed to providing world-class client services and meeting the highly individualized wealth management needs of each client.





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